Shake It Off

Shake It Off

The  Drama Triangle occurs in unconscious and toxic work environments. It is the relationship dynamic in which one person plays the role of Victim, another the Villain, and the third the Hero. Giving up your need to be right, authentically feeling and expressing your feelings, and separating facts from stories is the way to do your part to stay out of the Drama Triangle and remain in a state of conscious leadership.

But even when you are clear of the drama, you may also be expressing one of the following personas that is not serving you well as a conscious professional.

Here is a list of personas active in the workplace. They are not necessarily negative but, take a look and see if any describe you.

Workplace Personas (Source: Conscious Leadership Group)
Energy Bunny
Peter Pan
Súper Competent
Good Listener
Good Parent
Nice Guy
Control Freak

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Save the Drama for Your Mama

Save the Drama for Your Mama

A couple of years ago, I was asked to help lead a teaching session on the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. The audience was a group of bright young interns at Cisco Systems in Atlanta. I joined the meeting via a video link. In the room with the interns was fellow John Maxwell team member and Cisco employee, Fu Che.

As the meeting began, Fu said something to the interns that I can only hope they remembered as well as I have. He told them,

“Cisco is NOT responsible for your career.”

How refreshing! I needed someone to say that to me 30 years ago. It is so easy for us to slip into a mindset that someone or something outside of us will magically take care of us and then, when things don’t go the way we want, it is everyone else’s fault.

As I shared in another post, this “To Me” way of life is where the Conscious Leadership Group estimates that 95% of leaders spend 98% of their time. This...

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