Vital Focus

Empowering entrepreneurs to take BIG IDEAS and create sustainable profitability


Because the world needs good people profiting

Vital Values


Take radical responsibility for yourself as a fully resourced co-creator. 


Boldly take action and learn from every experience. 


Give generously. Increase your awareness and experience transformative growth.

Vital Advantage

Best Clients are 

Entrepreneurs with Big Ideas and Forward Momentum

Who Want to

(best problems solved)

Eliminate chaos

Have a systematic approach to increase profitability and creates more freedom not less

Have content that builds a following and turns IDEAS into a revenue source

Have a dedicated and seasoned success partner 





Where This Helps

World-class coaching

Success systems

Sales strategy

Leadership development/Empowered mindset

Content creation for sales, and  personal and professional growth

My Promise

When you get close, your awareness will increase, and so will your ability to manifest the BIG IDEA of your entrepreneurial business

The Reach of Rick Burris Coaching

It has been my privilege to serve as a thinking partner for entrepreneurs across the country.

"As my business and website continue to explode,

I have to thank Rick for his insight and gut-level coaching. Believe when I tell you that his advice is not always easy. However, it is always timely and always spot on.I can honestly say that Rick and Leaders Fuel have provided inspiration and guideance that I never would have found otherwise."

Dr. Russell Schierling, DC - owner Schierling Chiropractic




"Not all groups are created equally.

Rick's group stood out from the very beginning. It sets itself apart by 1)the outlined learning objectives in an organized manner and appointed dates and topics to be presented over the multiple-week period. 2) the social contract of responsibilities and privileges, 3) the fact that the leader is providing the resources at no additional cost, This alone speaks volumes to me about his commitment to his vision to add value to the lives of the group members..." 

Gie Monetti - former airline professional 


"Rick is an excellent performance coach

who has helped me increase my results in my professional and personal life. Rick delivers clarity and has helped me see things I was not seeing in certain beliefs about my performance. I highly recommend that you connect with Rick if you are looking for a highly skilled coach to help you perform at higher levels."

Michael Barrovecchio, International Coach