Podcast Recording


It's time for the world to hear your voice. We offer professional grade podcasts curated to your business, your target audience, and your goals. 

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Videographers in South Carolina

Promotional Video

Professional grade, high-quality videos that take your business to the next level. All projects are custom made for you - connect with us to learn more.

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Recording Studio in South Carolina

Educational Video

Courses, teachings, trainings, and everything in between; The Refinery Studio team will help you produce top-tier educational videos.

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Audio Book Recording


Transform your work into an incredible audio experience for listeners. All projects are custom made for you - connect with us to learn more.

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Podcast packages that fit your business, your goals, and your budget.


Included in every podcast package:  strategy-backed, professionally made.

The Refinery Studio is a professional acoustically treated room for balanced, clean audio recording.

With three professional grade cameras, proper lighting and sound equipment your videos will be second to none. 

Podcast intro & outro. Sound editing, color grading and rendering.

Certified sound engineer and producer on-site.

Social media content creation & distribution.

Branded QR code to podcast links.

Starter Package

One professionally produced podcast per month.

 - Five Reels

- One designed image & studio still

- One Youtube episode cover image & description

TOTAL = $1,375

Intermediate Package

Two professionally produced podcasts per month.

 - Ten Reels

- Two designed images & studio stills

- Two YouTube episode cover images & descriptions

TOTAL = $2,050 - $2400/month; $1,200/Episode

Full Package

Four professionally produced podcasts per month.

 - Twenty Reels

- Four designed images & studio stills

- Four YouTube episode cover images & descriptions

TOTAL = $3,500/month; $875/Episode

Launch and Production Schedule

Weeks 1 & 2 - Content Coaching and Strategy

Initial Discovery Meeting

(2) 2-Hour Coaching and Strategy Sessions

Week 3 - Record

First Two Episodes

Week 4 - Record 

Episodes 3 & 4

Pre-Launch Promotion

Week 5 - Launch

Record Episodes 4 & 5

Week 6 - Engage

Social Media Interactions

Week 7 - Record 

Episodes 7 & 6

Podcasts: The Future of Marketing


Taking advantage of emerging technologies and marketing trends is crucial to remaining in the game, as each new platform is another sandbox for companies to develop innovative processes.

The popularity of podcasts among consumers and marketers may be staggering, but the format's existence as a marketing tool isn't. After all, advertising through audio platforms has been around for a while, as radio stations have been broadcasting paid commercials for a century. But nothing has given more bang for the marketing buck than podcasts have. We all want to do business with those we know, like, and trust, and podcasts check all of those boxes.

If podcasting maintains its trajectory and reputation as a convenient and accessible content format, it will soon become a must-have strategy for marketers in any industry. So, be sure to incorporate them into your campaigns. Who knows? Podcasting could be the holy grail that catapults your brand to new heights.

Promotional Videos

People want video.

Great videos help the right people connect with you. We will make it easy for you to have the videos that get you recognized by the people that matter.

Our professional team and first-class studio setting make an excellent combination for upping your marketing game.

Perhaps you are not quite ready for podcasting, but you need to get your message out, and create more energy and visibility for your business. If you have a special offer to promote, need top-notch website videos, or videos that give you a ton of marketing mileage, we will build a custom plan for the creation and distribution of your videos from The Refinery Studio.

Project pricing is based on the scope of work involved.


Educational Videos

Sharing great teaching content and creating a passive income stream is always the dream of anyone who has considered creating an online course. And, for many, online courses are generating healthy income.

But not for everyone. That's because all online courses are not created equal. We want your videos to stand out for all the right reasons.

It's a process to get it right and we know the process for producing attractive and engaging content. We offer services that range from stand alone videos to assistance with creating an entire curriculum, to publishing and marketing your video.

Project pricing is based on the scope of work involved.

Audio Books

The hard part is over. Now it's time to get paid.

E-book sales have been on the rise for years and make a great revenue stream for an accomplished author.
The Refinery Studio is fully equipped to record audiobooks with the highest quality of sound. When you are ready to record your book, or need assistance with contracting a voice actor to record it, we will get you ready for the studio. Our professional sound technician, Ken, will coach you through the preparation for recording. 
Ken will guide you all the way through the process and can even place the completed audiobook on the platform of your choice.
Connect with our team to get your audiobook published.

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Sound Engineer

Ken Everson


Ken is a gifted master of sound. As a certified sound engineer, he is living his childhood dream with his involvement in movies. sound effects. video game development, and video, music, podcast, and audiobook production.
Very few people understand sound and its power to stir the human spirit the way Ken does.
Ken is the owner of Key Elements Studios. He will be in The Refinery Studio with you to help you record like a pro and you will benefit from his expertise in the postproduction process.
Learn more about Key Elements Studios.

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Business Coach

Rick Burris


Rick will get you into the studio with confidence.
He’s sought after by entrepreneurs around the country to create powerful content and he will do the same for you.
He will help you build your expertise in your industry by investing time to help you find your voice and draw out all of the great ideas inside you.
Rick will create a content outline with you that makes it easy for to consistently record content that make a difference.



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