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If you're ready to grow your entrepreneurial business and create FREEDOM from the inside-out, you've come to the right place.



Solopreneurs, Agents, Coaches, Business Owners, and Conscious Leaders get equipped for your heroic quest. Online courses, live teaching, growth journal, Hero's Quest©, and success coaching for increased emotional intelligence and conscious leadership.


Elevate your company and your team from success to significance. The LeadersFuel Entrepreneurial Leadership System© gives you the framework to focus on your company's vitality, specify and exceed your goals, assemble the team with the "Right Stuff", and build a company that outlasts you.


Become a member a private and un-cluttered community for entrepreneurial empowerment. Masterclasses, mastermind studies, a highly-interactive and authentically supportive online community, exclusive teaching and a library of powerful content accessible anywhere.

Conscious Entrepreneurs

A conscious entrepreneur works IN their business with excellence, ON their business with strategic clarity, and GROW themselves and their team to grow the business.

Live on Purpose

You were made for purpose. Discover where your heartbeat and the world's great needs intersect. Get clear about your "why" and make an impact that creates a legacy.


Get it Right

Getting it right isn't about being right. With a proven thinking partner, you can accelerate growth and shorten the time it takes to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.


Methodical Strategies

To grow as a leader, and to grow leaders who grow leaders, you need more than motivational quotes and platitudes. It's not the leadership principles alone that cause your company to be more profitable. It's what you do with those principles that counts. Leaders Fuel offers methodical strategies, and structure that facilitates the achievement of your vision and goals.


Leadership That Multiplies

With the experiential approach offered by Leaders Fuel you can expect leadership to develop at the level of character. Raise your capacity and grow in a way that gives you confidence that you are giving your best and bringing out the best in others.


"We have never used a third party leadership coach before Rick. After a few months I have seen the value his coaching has given a couple of people on our leadership team. After speaking with several coaches, we chose Rick for his passion for helping others and his curiosity for knowledge. I highly recommend having a coach for your key people. You are get a great value proposition that will be worth the investment."

Trevor Jones
Managing Partner- Wow My Garage

"Rick is an outstanding coach. His variety of methods and truly human relatability make the sessions a true joy. If you are looking for a coach you need to go no further than Rick."

Sean Hawkes
Production Manager, Foundation Repair Specialist

"Working with Rick through his coaching, his thought provoking questions helped me to gain greater clarity and insight to where I want to go and helped develop a plan to achieve my goals."

Susan Williamson
Author and Coach

"Rick Burris is a cut above the rest, his genuine passion for others is truly contagious, as an expert in the field you will be thankful for his coaching and teachings. Call him and set up a time to meet him today."

Brenda Baker
Naturopath, Owner Authentic Health

"I had great pleasure of participating in a mastermind group that Rick facilitated. The name of the course is 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth. I highly recommend this class to all ages. I wish I had taken the class many years ago. Rick is a super guy & very passionate about helping people grow in all aspects of life!"

Louis Redmond
Owner, Redmond Imaging

"An incredibly well-planned, thought-provocative educational experience. Rick Burris is a positive influence with a heart for teaching and aiding others to grow. His classes have a multi-faceted approach to leadership. Versed in the John Maxwell "15 Invaluable Laws of Growth" Rick guides you through a meaningful and productive class that will open your eyes to your potential. Don't miss an opportunity to reach higher ground and up your standard in performance of your leadership abilities!"

Joe Beckham
Owner/Sensei - Beckham Martial Arts and Fitness

"Rick is AMAZING! He helped me grow as a leader and as a person. It has been great to have a "neutral" ear as a mentor for company business. Overall a fantastic experience. I would highly recommend Rick and Leaders Fuel!!!"

Chad Funk
Foundation Repair Manager

Mindset is Everything!

The Empowered Entrepreneur is  your complementary nitro boost from Leaders Fuel.

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