Speak Like a King

The King’s Speech

Recently, my family and I watched the movie, The King’s Speech, for the second time. I enjoyed it the first time through, but this time I was fascinated my Geoffrey Rush’s character, Lionel Logue. As I watched, I realized Lionel was showing up in the life of the Duke of Windsor in a way no other person ever had. He showed up as a coach. The Duke had spent his entire life strapped with the identity of a stutterer. Except for his wife and children, every other person he encountered, could see nothing more than a stutterer and their interactions with the Duke were limited to their focus on a stuttering problem. Anyone who met the Duke saw this problem as something they had to ignore, tolerate, apologize for or fix. Many so-called experts with their massive egos were thrust upon the Duke more than eager to make a name for themselves by forcing their own brand of an external solution to the Duke’s stuttering problem.

Director, Tom Hooper did an...

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