Discover the Hero in You!


Frederick Buechner  said,

“The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” 

You were made to grow purposefully.

Most people live their entire life without ever having gained clarity about why they are here. They never know the gratification of experiencing the sense of,

 "I was made for this!" 

Be A Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur

There is plenty of research to suggest that a sense of purpose is one of the greatest factors in overall health and wellbeing.

Research over the last 25 years has linked purpose to everything from better relationships to preventing Alzheimer’s disease. It’s “the no. 1 driver of wellbeing,” and “decreases your risk of dying early,” according to solid research.

The problem is people’s expectations for what exactly “Finding purpose” looks like, and how it will change them. 

Only an infinitely small number of people stumble upon meaningful work that aligns with their soul. Far too many never attempt to look for more meaning and most of those who spend some time considering it, allow their lives to be tyrannized by a multitude of trivial urgencies and end up perpetually frustrated by a lack of deeper progress in their life and business. 

If you are an entrepreneur, you have a unique opportunity to grow a purpose-driven life that many people only wish to have.

But connection with purpose doesn't happen by accident. Many people go about it the wrong way.

To authentically know your purpose, you need a structured process.

Don't be like many entrepreneurs who find out all too late that they have spent their life chasing after all the wrong goals.

Make the investment in yourself with the Hero's Quest by Leaders Fuel.

When you are all in on your entrepreneurial journey, why not make the most of it. This is a chance to know yourself and be connected with what drives you in a way that makes everyday tasks more meaningful. It helps you increase your confidence in decision making and gives you the level of clarity of direction that leads you to productivity that gets results for you and those your serve.

As experiential education pioneer, John Dewey, once wrote,

"To find what one is fitted to do and to secure the opportunity to do it is the key to happiness."

Imagine how empowering it will be for you and how valuable it will be to your business when you can find your sweet spot where your motivation, your skills, and other people's needs meet.

No matter what business you are in, this is for you because it was design to address the built-in directives of the human soul...


It has been my privilege to offer this transformational tool to entrepreneurs from a wide variety of businesses: trades professionals, medical professionals, architects, solopreneurs, multi-level marketers, coaches, retail business owners and others.

The Hero's Quest was designed to help you discover deeper meaning and get greater returns on your investments of time, money, energy, and attention.

It happens in these 3 Steps. 

Step 1:

Know Where You Are

Step 2:

Know Who You Are

Step 3:

Know Why You Are Here 


Start Your Self-Paced Journey Now
Do the Hero's Quest with Private Coaching

What's Included?

This online mini-course includes 29 exercises and 2 audio teachings to deepen your understanding of how you make a purposeful impact on yourself and others:

  • The 7 Levels of Awareness 
  •  Inside-Out Success

Two Ways to Engage

Way #1 Self-Implement

The Hero's Quest is available to complete as a self-paced journey. Each step contains multiple exercises of self-discovery. You complete these exercises and coaching questions and reflective action steps in a downloadable workbook. 

Map Your Journey Now

Way #2: Do the Hero's Quest with private coaching.

Accelerate Your Growth with World-Class Coaching

Wallace D. Wattles once wrote,

"The greatest service you can render to God and to your fellow man is to make the most of yourself."

You are worthy of your dreams and your dreams are worthy of your investment. When you add private coaching to this tool, you have a world-class combination to accelerate your growth.

When you select the Hero's Quest with the coaching option, you get (3) 2-hour private coaching sessions with Rick Burris, the creator of the Hero's Quest. This option includes:

  • The Hero's Quest Tool
  • The Hero's Quest Online Course - PLUS
  • (3) 2-Hour Private Coaching Sessions
  • All for only 31% of the full fees
Get the Hero's Quest with Private Coaching

You've Got This One Life. Make the Most of It.

As an entrepreneur, you have a unique opportunity to impact the world with your journey. When you live "On Purpose" and you are abundantly clear about your 'Heroic Quest', you will be equipped to make the most of every situation and relationship. 

The time you invest in the Hero's Quest will provide a return on your investment for many years to come. Take advantage of the structured process of the Hero's Quest and map your entrepreneurial purpose journey now.

Start Your Self-Paced Journey Now
Get the Hero's Quest with Private Coaching