Live on purpose. Stay on course. Grow.

Achieve your entrepreneurial dream by clarifying your vision, setting identity-driven goals, and building daily habits that align with your vision. The Entrepreneur’s GPS is a structured journal you take with you everywhere that empowers you daily to spend your time doing the things that most benefit you, your business, and those you love and serve.

Every day you can have a greater sense of accomplishment and have more fun doing what you love. It features a 5-year visioning exercise, one year goal setting and creating quarterly objectives. There are also several tools to encourage you to best manage your time and maintain a positive and growth-oriented mindset.

Included with your GPS are complementary online videos to guide you through each section. There are weekly calibrations, daily alignments, monthly reflections and quarterly reviews. The entire back half of the GPS is a growth journal with inspirational quotes.

Live on purpose. Stay on course. Grow.


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Includes 13 Video Modules


Each section of the Entrepreneur's GPS is accompanied by an instructional video to keep you moving and empower your journey.

The online course includes PDF versions of each section of the book.

These include:

  • An Introduction Message
  • Setting the Destination
  • Starving the Gremlins
  • Identity-Driven Outcomes
  • Empowering Your Calendar
  • Designing Your Ideal Week
  • Energizing Your Spirit (daily routines)
  • Renewing Your Mind
  • Weekly Calibration
  • Daily Alignment
  • Monthly Reflection
  • Quarterly Reviews and
  • Growth Journal
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Live on purpose. Stay on course. Grow.



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Yes, the other side is SUCCESS!!!  

I have been using the Entrepreneurs GPS for over a year now.   It is well put together and the content is designed to take you step by step thru a process that can only bring you out in the other side.  Yes, the other side is SUCCESS!!!   Get it today and start your journey to the other side.

Troy Van Dyke. owner

Dream Destination Cruising.









"...the Entrepreneurs GPS was just the nudge I needed to rediscover the value of habit.

I'm recovering from extreme structure that felt like bondage to me so the Entrepreneurs GPS was just the nudge I needed to rediscover the value of habit. I love the format which is concise and effective for a daily check in! Perhaps most helpful to me has been the "What I learned today" section which has become a daily mini-coaching session for me and been very eye-opening. The Entrepreneurs GPS is helping me hit my goals more often on a personal and business level and I am most grateful for this guide!"

Elizabeth Weaver, CBD Expert HempWorx





"...the best goal achieving system I have used!

I have spent much of my life setting and working towards goals . The Entrepreneur's GPS is the best goal achieving system I have used! The initial steps walk you through a process that helped me dig deeper and wider to see my goals and purpose with clarity! Then it really helps you break down next steps and take action and start achieving! My business relationships, processes, and direction have all benefited from following this process! I will continue to use the Entrepreneur's GPS for many years to come!!"

David Johansen, owner

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