A Quick Self-Check

Quick Self-Check

Here is a quick self-check. (Tools like these should always be approached from the perspective of self-awareness, never for self-judgment.)

When you look back on the past twelve months, can you identify and describe evidence of personal growth?

Any life events and or milestones you have celebrated?

What is your greatest accomplishment in the past 12 months?

Have there been any changes in you that have fascinated or pleasantly surprised your family, friends, or co-workers?

What have you learned?

Which books have you read? (Any you would recommend?)

What skills have you improved?

Is there anything improved about the way you think?

Is there anything better about the way you use your time or are you just busy being busy?

Any starts and stops? What are you staying committed to?

  • Exercise routines
  • Nutrition habits
  • Books
  • Personal growth tools
  • Home improvement projects

Is there anyone you owe a phone call to?

Is there anything better about your financial picture or the way you view money?

If you are being honest, have you mostly coasted through life in the past 12 months, hit the brakes, or stepped on the gas?

Do you have any more clarity of your passions, values, and life purpose than you did one year ago?


I know you didn’t ask for this tool, but why not copy and paste these questions into a document, type your answers and take 5 minutes to reflect on it?


Rick Burris


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