All the Power. None of the Clutter.

Thriving as an entrepreneur happens best when you have the right people at your side.

Every member here is committed to entrepreneurial success and ready to go big on the inside so they can go big on the outside. This is your oasis among growth-oriented friends who are here to encourage you for the next step of your heroic journey.

The Powerplant is your entrepreneurial empowerment community that is 100% distraction-free. No politics. No mindless scrolling in the low-resolution meme jungle. Nothing else competing for your attention.


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An endless source of entrepreneurial empowerment


The Powerplant

The heart of The Powerplant is a weekly Zoom call with masterclasses and in-depth mastermind studies built for those who want to live by design rather than by default.

The studies offer world-class teaching around transformative content. Grow in a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs. Experience the power of the collective mastermind intelligence. Take your own thinking to another level to think your business to another level.

The Powerplant members get live teaching with Rick Burris on any new course released by  Leaders Fuel during membership.

Every study comes with both a video and an audio recording that go into your personal library and can be accessed anywhere.

All of this and much more is included in your membership in The Powerplant.

Your Powerplant Coach

In spirit with the Leaders Fuel mission to fuel a community of conscious entrepreneurs, The Powerplant is presented by Rick Burris, methodical strategist and thinking partner for entrepreneurs.

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Where Heroes Gather

Facebook-type empowerment community in a private un-cluttered space

Uplifting interaction around posts that go deeper on subject important to conscious entrepreneurs, topics such as: mindset, productivity, focus and conscious leadership.

Empowered Anywhere

This is an engaged community of people going bug in the inside to go big on the outside.

We learn together in a variety of ways and through various content.

All of The Powerplant content exists in your own library and is accessible to you anywhere on your computer and on the Kajabi app.

Experience the Power


If you are serious about your growth as an entrepreneur and you are ready to expand beyond the low-resolution meme world of motivational quotes, The Powerplant is the place for you.

The entrepreneurial journey is not for the faint of heart. Statistically,  80% of entrepreneurial businesses that start this year will fail outright in 10 years. The ones who persist know that this is a hero's journey that is best taken with those who are all-in and relentlessly committed to growth. 

Here we dig deeper. The Powerplant isn't just built for fleeting motivation, it is designed for transformation. Members who engage will accelerate their development and be forever elevated.

Your Mind is Your Business Powerplant

Whether you are a solopreneur, a network marketer, an agent, or the leader of a company, your personal powerplant is your mind. And, your entrepreneurial success is defined by your use of this miraculous asset.

Conscious entrepreneurs, whose success is defined by more than just the numbers on their bank account, know that the key to wealth and empowerment comes from the people and ideas with which you surround yourself.

The Powerplant is an intentional community of people who want to make a difference doing something that makes a difference. Members are here to engage and give and add value to others.

All members agree to the social contract of the community are ready to provide positive and healthy support to others.

You can expect to be equipped with an abundant supply of teaching and tools for entrepreneurial empowerment and plenty of opportunities to further invest in your growth and the growth of your company.



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  • The Powerplant Membership
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  • An Ever-Expanding Online Library of Videos and Audio

"Not all groups are created equally.

Rick's group stood out from the very beginning. It sets itself apart by 1)the outlined learning objectives in an organized manner and appointed dates and topics to be presented over the multiple-week period. 2) the social contract of responsibilities and privileges, 3) the fact that the leader is providing the resources at no additional cost, This alone speaks volumes to me about his commitment to his vision to add value to the lives of the group members..." 

Gie Monetti - former airline professional