Grow Internally to Grow Externally

Your team is the most valuable asset of your company. With Leaders Fuel, you can create inside-out vitality.

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From a Short Presentation to a Complete Entrepreneurial Leadership System

Whether you need a speaker for a lunch-and-learn presentation or an entire leadership system, Leaders Fuel offers a suite of leadership development solutions to raise your team's leadership lid. Each possibility is offered as a customized option to serve you best. Explore your options and schedule a conversation. 

Built for Significance

The LeadersFuel Entrepreneurial Leadership System is the framework designed to help you take your company from success to significance.

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Unite Your Team

The Leadership Game from the John Maxwell Team is a real game with real winners. It is made to help you forge stronger relationships and gain a winning edge.

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Empower Your Event

Book Rick Burris to give your company culture a leadership nitro boost.

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Customized Growth

Collaborate with Leaders Fuel to craft a customized leadership training plan to address the unique goals of your team.

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Grow Together

Clarity is power. Group coaching is an outstanding way to find clarity to propel your team forward.

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Maximize Focus

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Raise the Lid

Leadership is a learned skill. Today's leaders need skills that weren't necessary for success a few decades ago. It is growth from within that causes modern leaders to thrive. Your team can only go as high as your lid, and your company can only go as high as your team's lid. Reach out today and let's raise the lid together.

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Craig - HVAC

Rick's passion and competency in coaching are difficult to match. His altruistic nature shines though in his coaching unlike many others. If you're looking for coach that deeply cares about your success and the success of your business (important distinction), Rick is it!

Brenda - Health Practitioner

Rick Burris is a genuine, honest, great man who's coaching and leadership skills are over the top! If you have not met Rick, what are you waiting for? Call him today.

Andrew - Pastor

Rick is incredibly perceptive and brings a wealth of experience and insight into his coaching and leadership training. He recently taught a 4-hour servant-leadership course at our church which I believe will be incredibly valuable to our incoming class of officers. Would definitely recommend Rick and Leaders Fuel!

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Tracy - Flooring  Business Owner

Smart, intuitive, service oriented while performing in a leadership role - This is Rick Burris. He can take you where you want to be.

Matt - Banker

Rick spoke at my office twice to two different groups and presented some very helpful ideas that I'm still using today. Great talk and highly recommended.

Henry - Financial Blogger

If you are looking for a leadership trainer to develop a customized program for your church or business to help with your in-house development of new leaders, or someone to help coach you to new, higher levels of performance, I endorse Rick Burris, as a valuable aid in your efforts to improve your organizational effectiveness.

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