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You Can't Save Your Way Out Of A Recession...

Paul Martinelli has sold close to a billion dollars of products and services, and if there's one thing he's learned from building multiple businesses from the ground up DURING economic recessions, it's this: you can't save your way out of a recession, but you CAN sell your way out...

Tens of thousands of entrepreneurs have engaged in Paul's Signature Sales Training and gotten outstanding results (including me) and now I am going to walk you through this sales process that works

Thursday, September 29, 2022 9am - 2 pm / Cambria Hotel / GVL, SC

I'm Ready To Maximize My Skills

No More Ambushed Sales

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Improve Your Results As A Sales Professional By Understanding The Entire Process

When most people when they think of sales, they think of the sales conversation. Sales is not a conversation.
Sales is a process of multiple engagements, and every single one of those engagements has a unique commitment objective.
And if you are in the embryonic stages of a sales process and you turn that first engagement into a sales conversation, you end up ambushing the sale. The prospect simply is not ready to buy.

Now what do we mean by they are not ready to buy?

It means that they have not met the requirements of a buyer. One of the requirements of a buyer is we have to fulfill the understanding that sales
at its highest level is the transference of emotion. When we buy something, we buy things on our emotion, and then we justify the action with logic.

Every buy is an emotional buy, and the primary emotion required the buyer is certainty.

So, we could say sales at its highest level is the transference of certainty. And if you don't have a process that creates and builds and maintain certainty with the buyer, you will ambush the sale.

In this workshop, I will outline an 11-step sales process and give you insight for each step that you can use immediately to maintain certainty and close more sales.


Here’s What You’ll Take Away From This Live Sales Workshop:


  • How to maintain integrity without any pressure for manipulation in the process
  • How to recognize the activity of the subconscious mind in the decision making process
  • How to stop relying on luck or chance to make a sale
  • How to navigate the sales conversation with confidence and ease
  • How to establish INSTANT rapport with your prospect so that they feel certain that it’s the right decision to buy from you
  • How to structure your sales conversations to HOOK your prospects so they want what you have to offer
  • How to effectively use a script in the sales conversation
  • How to become more comfortable articulating your value to your prospects
  • How to strategically approach the close
  • An understanding of the most effective language patterns and when to use them

Build Profitability With Integrity

If you are serious about creating a business with sustainable profitability you will need to master the skill of sales.

I'm Ready To Maximize My Skills

Get The Whole Signature Training

  • Let this one-day workshop give you a jumpstart on a year of entrepreneurial advancement
  • The workshop is one part of Paul Martinelli's Signature Sales Training

You can get the complete training with the Sales Bootcamp

What's Included In The Bootcamp...


Q&A Session and Role Play Practice on Zoom

Along with video teaching, I will give you plenty of time to build and practice your sales tools

  • (2) Q&A Sessions
  • (7) 1-hour role play sessions

You’ll have multiple opportunities to interact and practice before the November 3&4, 2022 Bootcamp


Two-Day Sales Bootcamp

More training and live role plays

  • Practice your scripts live
  • Role play scenarios
  • Complete the tools that concisely articulate your value and the value of what you sell
  • Networking while growing in community

Gain confidence in your readiness to solve the problems your company is designed to solve.


4 One-Hour Online Video Trainings

All of the content from Paul Martinelli's Sales Masterclass

  • The Sales Process That Works
  • Rapport
  • 9 Tonalities
  • How to Solve Your Prospects Problem

You’ll get the complete model that Paul has used to generate nearly one billion dollars in sales


Get All Of Paul Martinelli's Signature Sales Training

With the Sales Bootcamp you will get

  • Live training
  • The complete system with all the videos and guidebooks
  • Bonus teaching on money mindset

There is no reason to struggle with lower revenue that your and your BIG IDEA are worth.

Maximize your sales skills now.

This Bootcamp Is For You If...

  • You have been a sales professional for years, and you are fed up with manipulation tactics
  • You never thought of yourself as a "salesperson" or never wanted to, but
  • Your business requires you (or someone on your team) to sell
  • You have been flying by the seat of your pants and getting inconsistent results

I'm Rick Burris


For decades, I have been helping people achieve life and business transformation. Now Rick Burris Coaching is positioned to influence entrepreneurs to create sustainable profitability like never before with an entire Entrepreneurial Success System. This includes training and coaching on multiple topics and action steps in four key categories:




Emotional Intelligence and Time Management

While I have helped others grow, I have persistently pursued my own personal and business growth. Along the way, I have had great mentors and coaches, especially Paul Martinelli. In my relationship with Paul, I have been involved with multiple trainings. They have all been incredible, but none so impactful to my results as his Signature Sales Training.

As soon as I completed it, I knew it was a perfect fit for the Leaders Fuel Entrepreneurial Success System. 

That is why I am excited to share this with your now. I want to help you stabilize your company and create more profit.

"Thank you for believing in us. It is great to have you as our thinking partner"

- MaryLynne Bolden and Jason Lange

"Rick is a true thinking partner that helps me turn my ideas into actionable steps and focus on what needs to be done now in order to get where I want to be in the short and long term."

- Matt Green

"My team has totally embraced Rick and his coaching. It has made a world of difference in how we sell and relate to our customers."

- Lauren Marvin

Advance Your BIG IDEA

Complete Signature Sales


Includes 2-day Bootcamp / November 3-4, 2022