Get Fueled

Invest in your growth to fuel your business.

Your Heroic Journey

Take the inside-out path to success. Know yourself  and your purpose like never before.

Align Habits to Vision

Begin with the end in mind and use the Entrepreneur's GPS to become the person ready for your vision.

Grow in Community

Join like-minded entrepreneur's in an empowerment community like no other.

The Ride of Your Life

Being an entrepreneur is an emotional roller coaster. Increase your emotional intelligence and become a Resilient Entrepreneur.

Overcome the Opposition

Learn to work with with the powerful mechanics of your mind to Live on Purpose.

Accelerate Success

There is no more valuable investment you can make in your entrepreneurial endeavor than to engage in world-class coaching.

You are worthy of your dreams

Every entrepreneurial endeavor begins with an idea. With the right care, custody, and control, your big idea can make a lasting impact.

Go Bigger!

Susan Williamson Ph. D - IGH Associates

Rick's gift in coaching a is true benefit to any of his clients.  Needing to get from here to there can be difficult by yourself.  I was truly blessed to have Rick come into my life to coach me through the process. Accountability, insight, discovery and breakthroughs were just a few benefits I received from Rick Burris. Reaching a goal and completing a project was a great accomplishment for me, it would not have been as successful without his guidance. I would highly recommend Rick as a business and leadership coach to any individual or organization that is ready for a breakthrough, profitable growth, and greater success!

Kris Beliakoff - Engineer

I participated in two courses Rick offers, one more for professional, the other more for personal growth. However, with the depth and breadth of the exercises Rick guided us through, everything ended up wonderfully overlapping. I highly recommend both courses. Rick believes we can be our own creative force for change in our lives. With knowledge, accountability, humor, and kindness, he challenges us to be so. I can't promise the experience will be easy, but it will be worth it. For me, these courses were transformative.

Sabrina Tepasse - Health Coach

When it comes to mentorship and teaching, I value people I persoally trust and think that they have accomplished what I want and that they are living what they teach in an authentic way. This is the feeling I have with Rick Burriy and Leaders Fuel LLC. I would recommend him without a doubt as he created an amazing workbook to help us all get more emotional intelligent. Thank you for your wisdom and your great advice! It has inspired me on my journey already just by meeting and talking to you!

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