Introducing the LeadersFuel Entrepreneurial Leadership System

Make the journey from success to significance with your team. The LeadersFuel System is designed to help you reach your entrepreneurial goals and build a business that outlasts you.


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Put the Company First

The LeadersFuel System is purposefully designed to put the company first and framed around 6 Vital Components for lasting value

"LeadersFuel has been a fantastic influence in my professional life. 

Rick truly lives up to his role as coach and thinking partner for your business....

One of my favorite parts of Rick’s coaching are the session notes – it’s invaluable to go back and read the notes from our sessions and the action steps to keep growing.  I highly recommend Rick to any entrepreneur looking to grow their business!"

Tom Glass - Lending Path Upstate

"My business roars on LeadersFuel!



The entrepreneurial coaching I'm receiving is transforming my business the way that I run it. I feel empowered with a whole new set of tools to take my life to a new level, without fear"


Tom Colletti - Seismic Control Products

"Rick's knowledge and experience are invaluable.

I immediately signed up for coaching sessions after attending one of his one-month courses, because I knew he could help me organize and grow my business properly.

One of the best perks of working with Rick is receiving detailed notes - summaries of any calls you have together, as well as workbooks in advance for any courses."

Brady Williams - Uncle Jake Media

Company Self-Check

Use this complementary tool now and each quarter for heightened company leadership awareness

The Company GPS

Answering these 8 questions creates the leadership foundation of your company

Vitality Clarifier

Your Vitality Clarifier© contains the exercises that guide you to discover the your answers to the vital questions of the Company GPS

The Asset Chart

With the right people in the right roles, your team members are your company’s greatest asset.

Checking My Vitals

Each quarter, team members use the Checking My Vitals© tool to examine their alignment with the vital functions and the vital priorities of their role in the company

The Right Stuff Blueprint

The Right Stuff Blueprint© gives you the format to increase your confidence in building the team with the right stuff.

Quarterly Essentials

The Quarterly Essentials© give the structure for every team member to focus their time, energy, and attention around the measurable goals that accomplish the company vision.

The Challenge Converter

A company is defined by the way it handles challenges, both external and internal. The Challenge Converter© is the 3-step process that help you embrace challenges as an opportunity for growth.

Defining Your Way

Defining Your Way© gives you a simple outline to document the processes that build a thriving culture.

The Nitro Dashboard

Use the Nitro Dashboard© and the Nitro Meeting Agenda© to keep the vital data in front of you in a way that establishes a profitable and vibrant flow for team members and your company.

Comprehensive Partnership to Up Level Your Business

Your 12-month minimum commitment to the LeadersFuel System includes these great features.

1:1 Coaching

Bi-weekly, private coaching sessions for the business owner (or designee). Up to 90 minutes per session

Quarterly Strategy Meetings

Bring your leadership team together with your coach each quarter.

Refinery Mastermind Group

Meet monthly with other entrepreneurial business owners using the LeadersFuel System.

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