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"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about."  - Margaret J Wheatley

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Meredith - Attorney

Rick's messages are a great, motivating, positive way to start the work day! :)

Gail- Nonprofit Leader

I love Rick's "LEADERS Fuel Daily" is a great beginning to each business day.

Tracy - Mortgage Broker

I enjoy Rick’s tips every morning. He has inspired me to go after my own podcast and is very encouraging

David - Business Owner

I can't recommend the community, training, videos, and in person coaching from Rick Burris enough!! The daily videos haveen thought provoking and have helped me to run my business better and how helped me to be more deliberate and to do a better job of living "on purpose " in all areas of my life. I started with the videos, some live trainings, a virtual training, and now private coaching. I am a satisfied customer and excited to be a member of the growing Leaders Fuel community!

Mike - Experienced Professional

I look forward to Rick's Daily Fuel email each morning. His leadership helps keep me motivated and focused on a productive day. I am excited to recommend Leaders Fuel and the outstanding content that Rick provides!

Sarah - Mary Kay

Leaders Fuel Daily is full of knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration! I can’t wait to shake my business world up!